I'm an ACD/Senior Copywriter who has been freelancing for over 4 years. Before that, I'd been workingin the industry for over 10 years.

I got into advertising because I wanted a job that felt different every day. I switched to freelance when I wanted to kick that feeling into high gear. I love joining a team for a little (or long) while to tackle briefs, charm clients, and get great work made. What I won't bring to the table is an ego or an attitude. 

After hours and between contracts, I like to travel, listen to podcasts (I love learning something new), and curate my home décor. So if you’ve got a link for a podcast where I can learn about something obscure, a reco for an off-the-beaten path place to visit, or a really cute area rug, send it my way. 

I’d love to come onboard and help out with your next project, so if something piques your interest you can reach me at lynnideas@gmail.com or (647) 655 1244.  I also have an AD partner, Arron Isaac, and we love to take on projects together.

I’m currently available for contract or freelance work, but I’ll always have a conversation about other opportunities! 

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