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I've been writing ads for about 10 years. 
Before that, I was writing short fiction while earning a Bachelor of Arts. 
Before that, I was writing truly terrible high school poetry.

I've always loved writing because I like to tell a story and I love human truths.

In 2017, I quit my job, sold my couch, and moved to the UK to experience a new perspective and travel more. But after two great years abroad, I thought I’d leave the UK before they left the EU. And when I looked at a map, Toronto was exactly where I wanted to be. So I came home for the microbreweries, the poutine, and the general sense of politeness that we probably take for granted. 

I’m excited to be back and working in the Canadian advertising industry, so if something piques your interest you can reach me at or (647) 655 1244. 

I’m currently available for full-time, contract, or freelance work.

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